Jack London

White Fang

By Jack London. One of the most famous works by American author Jack London, told through the thoughts of a wild wolfdog as he is slowly drawn into the human world and is finally domesticated.

As the author explained in a letter sent to his publisher, the book is a companion work to his earlier The Call of the Wild. That work, which described the transformation of a domestic dog into an animal who answers the natural “call” of the wild, White Fang is a book which “reverse[d] the process. . . . Instead of the devolution or de-civilization of a dog, I’m going to give the evolution, the civilization of a dog—development of domesticity, faithfulness, love, morality, and all the amenities and virtues.”

White Fang’s path to domesticity is paved with fear, hate, and danger, and he is finally rescued from a series of brutal owners and is domesticated through the patience and kindness of his final owner.

This work has become a classic of Western literature, and is still the subject of academic study.

About the author: John Griffith London (born John Griffith Chaney) was an American author, journalist, and social activist who lived from 1876 to 1916. His works, all fiction, were always founded in some fact or idea which he then conveyed, making his books full of double meaning and offering deeper understanding for those able to see it.

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Jack London

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