Anthony M. Ludovici

The Third Reich and Fascism Contra Liberal Democracy

By A. . Ludovici .A series of articles by philosopher Anthony M. Ludovici comparing the achievements of National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy and those of the liberal democracies—and Britain in particular.

This collection starts with a 1936 eye-witness review of Germany, written after a personal visit to that country. Ludovici describes how the Hitler government set about solving the unemployment crisis, a declining population, and urbanisation.

It also includes fascinating statistics on how the crime rate had been reduced, how many home start-up loans had been granted to new couples (repayable by having children), and of the number of new farmers created over the previous three years. He also describes the workings of eugenics courts and other measures to improve the health and well-being of the population.

The second essay is a review of a 1921 book explaining the application of Fascism in Italy, in which Ludovici takes the opportunity to describe the origin and meaning of that ideology for Italy—and what it achieved in opposing Communism.

The rest of the book consists of a number of essays studying the practical application of liberal democracy in western nations, focusing on Britain, the author’s native country. In these essays, Ludovici shows how the core of liberalism is in effect poorly-disguised Communism (in terms of its underlying principles of equality, regardless of biological reality) and also how its policies are guaranteed to lead to racial degeneracy, economic collapse and the destruction of Western civilization.

The first two essays were originally published in The English Review journal, and the rest were originally published in The South African Observer in the 1950s and 1960s.


Anthony M. Ludovici: A Brief Biography

Hitler and the Third Reich

Book Review: The Fascist Movement in Italian Life

In Defence of Conservatism

The Black Invasion of Britain

Britain’s Conservative Statesmen

How the Blind Lead the Blind

Poetic Justice

Personality in statesmanship

Western Europe’s Social History — In One Word

Feelings Masquerading as Thoughts in the Modern World

Subsidized Sloth and Subnormality in the Socialist State.

About the author: Anthony Mario Ludovici (1882–1971) was born in London, England. Educated privately, his high intelligence allowed him to become fluent in several languages, and he was a leading philosopher, sociologist, and author. His topics included art, metaphysics, politics, economics, religion, the differences between the sexes, race, and eugenics. In addition, Ludovici was a talented artist, and gained employment as a painter and book illustrator. Eventually he wrote full-time, producing over 40 books and translating 60 others.

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Anthony M. Ludovici

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