Charles Kingsley

The Teuton and the Roman

By Charles Kingsley. Abridged and condensed by R. Peterson. A series of nine brilliant lectures on Roman history by the Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge, dealing with various aspects of the fall of classical Rome and its replacement by Germanic Goths and Lombards.

Kingsley deals concisely with the racial decline of Rome and the resultant decadence which reduced that empire to a pale shadow of its former glory, and provides a fascinating insight into Italy’s revitalization under its post-Roman Germanic invaders who settled in and repopulated Northern Italy.

New edition, illustrated.


Editor’s Foreword


Lecture 1: The Forest Children

Lecture 2: The Dying Empire

Lecture 3: The Human Deluge

Lecture 4: On Latham’s Germania

Lecture 5: The Gothic Civilizer

Lecture 6: Dietrich’s End

Lecture 7: The Nemesis Of The Goths

Lecture 8: Paulus Diaconus

Lecture 9: The Laws of the Lombards

112 pages. paperback.


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Charles Kingsley

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