Seth K. Humphrey

The Racial Prospect

The Racial Prospect: A Re-writing and Expansion of the Author’s Book “Mankind”. By Seth K. Humphrey. American inventor, author and scholar Seth K. Humphrey turned his mind to the only real reason behind the rise and fall of civilization: race. An unashamed Anglophile, Humphrey’s racial analysis, his call for eugenics and racial betterment ring as true now as when first penned.

“Dissipation of the better racial values and multiplication of the poorer have played a continuous part at tumbling race, state, and civilization into a dusty heap with periodic certainty…”

“A race with inborn qualities for progress chooses its climate just as it chooses its fields and woods and harbors; these things do not develop accidental humans into a dominant race. The best of natural conditions failed to make anything of the American Indian or the Australian aborigine. The White man finds himself in possession of the best of the earth because of his capacity for choosing well; the best of the earth did not make him a White man…”

“It is safe to assert that families which average less than three children brought to maturity are in process of dying out.”

Contains the complete and original text in a completely reformatted edition.



I. A Panoramic View

Prehistoric Man — Great Age Of Man — Racially Non-Progressive — Individual And Race Development Not Related — Unprecedented Demands Of Modern Life — Man Nearing His Limitations

II.  Principles of Inheritance

Like tends to produce like — acquired traits not transmitted — damage to Germ-plasm affects inheritance — method of inheritance — our new responsibility

III. The Race’s Heritage

A Heritage From The Ages — Elastic Response Of Mind To Impressions — Heredity and environment compared — unlikenesses and inequalities in inheritance — relation of features to character — the superior inheritance

IV. Birth-Rate and Race Values

Man Discards Nature’s Methods — Breeding Of Man And Of Animals In Nature — Man Breeds Away From Survival Of Best — Erratic Parenthood Mostly At Extremes

V. Racial Slackers

The Superior Inheritance — The Ambitious — The Intellectuals — The Rich — Women And Race Values — The Feminist Movement — Women’s Colleges — Men Choose Inferior Women

VI. The Fertility of the Unwanted

The obviously defective — the ineffective — their parts socially and  industrially — subnormal women — spreading defect upward — philanthropy assists increase

VII. The Road to Decline

Ineffectives clog social machine — infertility of superior more vital —Civilization dependent upon influence of ability— the signs of decadence – critical disproportion between effectives and ineffectives

VIII. Human Values in Reserve

Successive Breeding – Grounds — The Migrator — Survival Of The Best — Isolation A Factor In Race-Building — Impediments Of Language And Racial Differences

IX. Exhaustion of Reserves

Race Conservation On New Basis — Quick Communication Hastens Exhaustion Of Reserves — New England — Overestimate Of Individual — Civilization Must Breed Its Own Race Values — A Glimpse Ahead

X. The Dominant White

Man’s Time Compared To All Time — Physical And Mental Unlikenesses — The White Man’s Characteristics — His Migrations — Racially Destructive Influences — Depreciated Race Mixtures

XI. Our Racial Poverty

Small Per Cent Of Superior Ability — In France, England, Germany — Ability In The United States — Startling Racial Poverty

XII. Effects of the War

Bernhardi’s Fallacious Argument — The Optimist’s View — Ultrahumanists — Effect On Physique — On Mental Strength — The Great Opportunity

XIII. France, England, Russia

War’s Decision Inconclusive — Estimates Of French And English— Germanized Russia

XIV. Germany, the Isolated

A Distinctive Stock — Causes Of German Aloofness — Prussianism — Germany’s Advantage Is Youth, Not Inheritance — Degenerating Influences — Germans And English Of The Future

XV. America: the Melting-Pot

Making of the american type — race mixtures — the indian-white — Dual Personality — melting- pot can only mix, not fuse — mongrelism — mixtures of unlike types

XVI. America: the Negro-White

Complete Racial Estrangement Of White And Black — The Tragedy Of Two Beings In One — Statistics On Negro Worthless — Negro-White Characteristics — Blood Ties Make Races Inseparable — What To Do

XVII. America: the Labor Immigrant

Effect On Race Values — Racial Requirements — A Measure Of Race Value — Southern Italians — Historic Migrators And Labor Immigrants — Our Immigration Laws — America’s Rush To Development

XVIII. Which People Shall Dominate?

The Mass Instinct — Racial Prospects Of English-Speaking Peoples — Their Mutual Support Necessary — The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand — The Monroe Doctrine — The Uncertain Future

XIX. Eugenic Misconceptions 217

Grotesque Notions — Abuse Of Eugenic Warnings — Voluntary Eugenics — Eugenics By Compulsion — Misguided Social Workers — Eugenics For The Whole Community

XX. Into the Future

Eliminating Undesirables — The New Motherhood— A Race Well-Bred

141 pages. Paperback.


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Seth K. Humphrey

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