H. Munro Chadwick

The Origin of the English Nation

Have you ever wondered where the term “Anglo-Saxon” came from? This book will tell you. The author provides a comprehensive overview of the Germanic tribes who invaded and settled in England following the end of Roman-occupied Britain and assimilated into that nation.

This work starts in the sixth century with the first Saxon invasions and follows the succession of further migrations from central and northern Germany which created the culture and language today known as the “English” people.

This book does not delve into the pre-Germanic origins of Britain—shown by present-day DNA analysis to be the majority of the English people. It does however provide a highly instructive example of how a culture changes as a result of demographic shift: a lesson which the present-day English people, facing a new invasion of unassimilable immigrants, would do well to learn.

About the author: Hector Munro Chadwick (1870–1947) was professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Cambridge and a pioneer in integrating the study of Old English with archaeology and history.

Front cover: The Sutton Hoo helmet (reconstructed), seventh century, Suffolk.



Chapter I: England in the Sixth Century

Chapter II: The West Saxon Invasion

Chapter III: The Invasion of Kent

Chapter IV: The Saxons, Angles and Jutes in Britain

Chapter V: The Saxons, Angles and Jutes on the Continent

Chapter VI: The Kings of Angel

Note. The Early Kings of the Danes

Chapter VII. The Age of National Migrations

Chapter VIII. The Saxons and Angles in Roman Times

Chapter IX: The Classification of the Ancient Germane

Chapter X. The Cult of Nerthus

Chapter XI. King Aethelwulf’s Mythical Ancestors

Chapter XII. Social Conditions of the Roman Period




England at the end of the sixth century.

N.W. Germany, Holland, etc. At the beginning of the sixth century.

The northern part of Ptolemy’s Germania.

N.W. Germany etc. in the first century.

367 pages. Paperback.


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H. Munro Chadwick

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