Isaac Taylor

The Origin of the Aryans

By Isaac Taylor. A fine overview of early European racial anthropology, first published in a time before political correctness and leftist hatred suppressed the science. Taylor, the Canon of York, provides a comprehensive summary of the vexed issue of the origins of the Indo-European peoples.

Taylor’s book was the first major English-language work to reject the ex oriente lux theory of Indo-European origins in favor of a birthplace in southern Russia.

Using a thorough evaluation of cranial, archaeological and cultural evidence, he presents his conclusion.

Often attacked and dismissed by contemporaries, modern DNA has proven many of Taylor’s theories to be completely accurate.

About the author: Isaac Taylor (1829–1901) was a philologist, toponymist, and Anglican canon of York, England, from 1885 until his death. He specialised in ancient history and his studies of the origin of European peoples. His major archaeological and philological studies were Words and Places (1864), Etruscan Researches (1874), The Alphabet (1883), Greeks and Goths (1879), and The Origin of the Aryans (1880).


Chapter I: The Aryan Controversy

Chapter II. The Prehistoric Races of Europe—§ 1 The Neolithic Age; § 2 The Methods of Anthropology; § 3 The Races of Britain; § 4 The Celts; § 5 The Iberians; § 6 The Scandinavians; § 7 The Ligurians

Chapter III. The Neolithic Culture—§ 1 The Continuity of Development; § 2 Metals; § 3 Weapons; § 4 Cattle; § 5 Husbandry; § 6 Food; § 7 Dress; § 8 Habitations; § 9 The Boat; § 10 The Ox Waggon; § 11 Trades; § 12 Social Life; § 13 Relative Progress

Chapter IV. The Aryan Race—§ 1 The Permanence of Race; § 2 The Mutability of Language; § 3 The Finnic Hypothesis; § 4 The Basques; § 5 The Northern Races

Chapter V. The Evolution of Aryan Speech—§ 1 The Aryan Languages; § 2 Dialect and Language; § 3 The Lost Aryan Languages; § 4 The Wave Theory; § 5 Language and Race; § 6 The Genesis of Aryan Speech

Chapter VI. The Aryan Mythology


347 pages. Paperback.


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Isaac Taylor

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