T. Lothrop Stoddard

The New World of Islam

By T. Lothrop Stoddard. This 1921 book by America’s foremost racial thinker was the first work to warn the West of the Islamic revival which started in the nineteenth century and which would find its expression in the mass immigration and Islamic extremism to which the world has been subjected since the 1980s.

It provides an accurate history of Islam from its founding, initial blooming and sophistication, to its decline into drudgery and the dominance of the Ottoman Turks.

Stoddard explains the roots of the Wahabbist revival and the spring of Arab, Indian, and Middle Eastern nationalism unleashed as a result of World War I, and warns that these events have set Islam in motion once again to start a reconquest of the globe for that religion.

Stoddard warns that the white world’s foreign policy toward the Islamic world holds far more danger than any individual agitator and provides ammunition for Islamic extremists—prescient words, given the US-led wars against Muslim nations since 2001 and the ongoing Israel/Palestine debacle.


I. The Mohammedan Revival
II. Pan-Islamism
III. The Influence Of The West
IV. Political Change
V. Nationalism
VI. Nationalism In India
VII. Economic Change
VIII. Social Change
IX. Social Unrest And Bolshevism



238 pages. Paperback.


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T. Lothrop Stoddard

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