Andrew Fountaine

The Meaning of an Enemy

By Andrew Fountaine. First published in serial format in Combat magazine, the writings of Andrew Fountaine, the National Front’s first parliamentary candidate and later deputy leader, detail the causes of Europe’s slide into World War II and the effects on post-war Britain.

This book discusses the origins of World Wars I and II, the rise of Nazi Germany, a highly critical evaluation of Winston Churchill (who, Fountaine points out, started the terror bombing of civilians), the destruction of the British Empire, the effect of Christianity on modern society, and Third World immigration into Britain. This is an incisive overview, written in the no-holds barred style for which Fountaine became famous. With an introduction by Combat editor John Bean, and an appendix by Bill Baillie “Ten Years of Combat.”

About the author: Andrew Fountaine (1918–1997) was the son of Vice Admiral Charles Fountaine who had been naval ADC to King George V.  He fought on Franco’s side during the Spanish Civil War against the Communists and served as a naval Lieutenant-Commander in the Pacific during World War II. Fountaine was also leader of two 1960s-era groups, the National Labour Party and the (then) British National Party. In 1979, he split with Tyndall in 1979 and unsuccessfully challenged him for the leadership of the NF. Defeated, he formed the short-lived NF Constitutional Movement, later called the Nationalist Party. Within a short time, Fountaine became disillusioned with the in-fighting in British nationalist politics, and in 1981 retired to farm on his property near Swaffham.



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Trojan Horse

Chapter 3: Conditioned Hatred

Chapter 4: The Bulwark Against Communism

Chapter 5: The British Empire And Its End

Chapter 6: The Uncivilized War

Chapter 7. Civilian Bombing: The True War Criminal

Chapter 8. The War of the Churchillian Succession

Chapter 9: The Destruction of the West

Chapter 10: The Home Front

Chapter 11: Liberalism and the Church

Chapter 12: The Suicide of Liberalism

Chapter 13: The Coloured World Revolt

Chapter 14: The Great Division of White World Civilization

Chapter 15: The Lowering of the Standards

Chapter 16: Race and Leadership

Appendix 1: Rhodesia: Prelude to the Age of Terror

Appendix 2: Ten years of Combat

113 pages. Paperback.


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Andrew Fountaine

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