Ira Calvin

The Lost White Race

By Ira Calvin. First published in 1944 by an American soldier serving in the Pacific War against Japan, this book is a product of its time and offers a fascinating, if antiquated, insight into racial politics in America during World War II.

Although stridently pro-segregation, the author did however accept that this policy was ultimately immoral, and that the only fair solution to the racial problem was geographical physical separation.

This book is an exact reproduction of the original, even down to the cover art and back page text, an excerpt of which reads as follows:

“Mr. Calvin takes the stand that, as long as we are going to set the world in order, we might just as well decide right now that there will have to be two worlds, i.e.: a white world and a colored world.

“He maintains that if we do not do this, the white race will eventually be dissolved, and in the end there will be only one world: a colored one.”




I Our Great Domestic Problem

II The Delusion that Exclusion is Abuse

III Why So Many Races of People?

IV Civilization Versus Barbarism

V Our Deluded Leaders

VI Newspaper Clippings and Comments

VII Can We Plan Our Civilization?

VIII A Separate State for the Negro


130 pages. Paperback.


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Ira Calvin

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