Arnold Leese

The Jewish War of Survival

By Arnold Leese. Written by the pre-war leader of Britain’s “Imperial Fascist League,” this book claims that “powerful Jews” were the major force pushing for the outbreak of the Second World War.

The author argued that behind the world unrest at that time was a Judeocentric design to build a Jewish world police state on the ruins of the ‘Gentile’ nations, and refutes every argument given at the time on why Britain should have entered World War II. Many of these reasons were the same as were later given with respect to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, e.g.: “We are meeting a challenge to our security.”

This volume shows how Hitler wanted peace with Great Britain, but “International Jewry” wanted conflict and war, and they got their way. It quotes Jewish sources in which they acknowledge the Jewish elite’s power, desire, and need for war in order to survive.

First published in 1945.




Chapter I: “We are Fighting in Defense of Freedom”—Lord Halifax

Chapter II: “We are meeting a Challenge to our own Security” —Lord Halifax

Chapter III: “We are defending the rights of all Nations to live their own lives” and “fighting against the substitution of brute force for Law as the arbiter between Nations” —Lord Halifax

Chapter IV: “We are fighting against the violation of the Sanctity of Treaties and disregard of the Pledged Word”—Lord Halifax

Chapter V: “We are fighting today for the preservation of Christian Principles” —A Leading Article, London Times, 17th February 1940

Chapter VI: “We are fighting as our fathers fought to uphold the doctrine that all men are equal in the sight of God”—Franklin D. Roosevelt, 6th January 1942

Chapter VII: “We are Fighting for Democracy” —A common catch phrase

Chapter VIII: The Theory that High Finance caused the War

Chapter IX: The Object is to Destroy Fascism and Hitlerism

Chapter X: Unprepared and Blindfolded

Chapter XI: Hitler always knew His Real Enemy

Chapter XII: Hitler wanted Peace with Britain

Chapter XIII: How Britain was Egged on to make War

Chapter XIV: The Jews acknowledge their Power and Threaten

Chapter XV: The Jews Declare War

Chapter XVI: The Jewish War

Chapter XVII: The Peace: Britain Defeated whoever Wins

Chapter XVIII: Conclusion

Appendix I: The War of Extermination

Appendix II: What the World rejected — Hitler’s Peace Offer of April 1, 1936

Appendix III: Nuremberg Trials

Appendix IV: Appointments

About the author: Arnold Spencer Leese (1878–1956) was a veterinary surgeon noted for his study of camels, but who from 1924 onwards turned his hand towards politics. An early member of the British Fascist party, becoming the first publicly elected Fascist Party councillor in Stamford. He formed a new organization, the Imperial Fascist League in 1929. His agitation landed him a six month jail sentence in 1936 on charges of “causing a public mischief.” After going into hiding at the outbreak of the Second World War, he went into hiding, publishing pamphlets critical of the war. He was arrested in November 1940, detained under the infamous Regulation 18B law, and held without trial until 1944, when he was released on the grounds of ill-health. He was sent back to prison in 1947 on charges of helping escaped German prisoners of war who had been members of the Waffen SS.

94 pages. Paperback.


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Arnold Leese

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