Theodor Herzl

The Jewish State (Ethnostate)

The Jewish State: How the Zionists Created the Jewish Ethnostate. By Theodor Herzl. Zionism is Jewish ethno-nationalism in its purest form. The creation of the state of Israel is the most successfully-executed plan to create an ethnically homogenous territory in modern history. As such, it is worth of study by any group seeking its own ethnically-based homeland.

This book, written in 1896 by the founder of the Zionist movement—and thereby the de facto founder of Israel—lays out the plan and route by which Jewish statehood was achieved.

Herzl describes in detail how the state was justified, how the Jews would go about managing the physical occupation of the territory, and the logistical steps which had to be taken in order to achieve a Jews-only state.

In these times of demographic change in the West, those seeking a solution to the impending crisis facing European man will do well to study this plan. No matter what the current problems of Israel may be, the reality is that it is a Jewish homeland, majority occupied by Jews and a basis from which that people will be able to survive whatever racial demographic invasion might swamp the West.

European survival will depend upon the creation of geographic, territorial enclaves, and this book tells how it can be done.  Significantly, Herzl points out that anti-Semitism would be one of the biggest “push” factors which would drive Jews to the Zionist state. This is of bearing to Europeans, given what will be the increasingly anti-white nature of many of the “multi-racial” Western states.

This book is more than a historical document. It is a manual, a guidebook for those seeking to create an ethno-state. It should be read by all those serious about creating such a haven for the increasingly beleaguered European people.



Theodor Herzl: A Biography


Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. The Jewish Question

Chapter III. The Jewish Company

Chapter IV. Local Groups

Chapter V. Society of Jews and Jewish State

Chapter VI. Conclusion

About the author: Theodor Herzl (1860–1904) was a famous Jewish writer who formed the Zionist Organization after being the first to coherently conceptualize the outline to create a Jewish state. Herzl is specifically mentioned in the Israeli Declaration of Independence and is officially referred to as “the spiritual father of the Jewish State.” He is buried on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, which was named after him.

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Theodor Herzl

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