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The Immigration Invasion

The Immigration Invasion: How Third World Immigration is Destroying the First World—and What Must be Done to Stop It. By Arthur Kemp. New edition updated with August 2021 statistics from the US Census Bureau which show that “white non-Hispanics” are now a minority in the USA, and latest European Union “asylum” figures showing that over 8.5 million fake “refugees” have entered Europe since 2006.

This work shows how all cultures are unique to their originating peoples, and that racial demographic replacement is the one guaranteed way to extinguish diversity and different cultures. He shows that the very future of the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and their European populations, are imperiled by this mass movement of Third Worlders—and that this has nothing to do with “racism” or the denigration of any other people or culture.

A case-by case study then follows looking at the extent and impact of Third World immigration on all the major nations in western and eastern Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In each of these case studies, the full current extent of Third World immigration—more correctly called colonization—is reviewed, along with dramatic insights into the effect such immigration is having upon those societies, showing the complete fallacy of the “immigration is needed to keep the economy going” lie.

Eye-opening statistics on race and crime, immigration and social delinquency, immigrant imprisonment rates, non-European welfare dependency, and finally the ethnic cleansing of Europeans from their homelands by racial demographic displacement, are discussed in full, using the latest official statistics and projections as sources.

Finally, the author discusses what must be done if Europeans are not to be ethnically cleansed under the Third World immigration tsunami: they must either engineer a political revolution to reclaim their homelands, or immediately start working toward the creation of a European homeland, or ethnostate, exactly like the Jews have done with the state of Israel.

Failure to enact one—or both—of these political actions will result in the extinction of the European people and their civilization, the author warns.

“The African Boat Invasion: If Europeans did it to Africa, the World would Scream ‘Colonization’….If hundreds of thousands of Europeans jumped on boats and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to Africa, without papers or formal immigration papers, the world’s liberals would be screaming ‘colonization’—but when Africans do it, they are only ‘migrants’ and ‘asylum seekers.’”—from the Preface.


Preface: The Camp of the Saints Becomes Real

The Three Factors Which Drive the Immigration Invasion— The complete collapse of any sort of ordered, civilized society in Africa— American and British military intervention in North Africa and the Middle East on behalf of Israel.— The West’s Liberal Asylum Policies—The African Boat Invasion: If Europeans did it to Africa, the World would Scream “Colonization”

Chapter One: Immigration and Race—Why Does It Matter?

Divorce the Topic from Racism—Understanding Why Cultures Exist—Understanding Why Cultures Vanish—Cultures Exist Only as Long as Their Founding Populations Exist—Third World Immigration Has Third World Implications for the First World—A Changed Population will Cause a Changed Culture.

Chapter Two: How the Invasion is Being Carried Out

Legal Immigration—The “Aging Population Argument” Refuted—Case Study: Spain; Case Study: Britain; Case Study: United States of America—Case Study: Canada—Conclusion: Immigration Does not Solve the Problem of Aging Populations—The “Jobs That No One Else Will Do” Argument Refuted—Case Study: Swift & Co., United States of America—The “We Are a Nation of Immigrants” Argument Refuted—Case Study: Britain—Case Study: The Settlement of North America, Australia and New Zealand—Conclusion: The Lie of a “Nation of Immigrants”—The Asylum Racket—Asylum: The Real Legal Obligations of Europe—Case Study: The United States of America—Case Study: Norway; Case Study: The Netherlands—Illegal Immigration—Case Study: Europe—2015: 300,000 Nonwhites Invade Europe in Six Months—Conclusion: Third World Invasion of the First World.

Chapter Three: The United Kingdom Rent Asunder

Half of all Babies Born in 2007 to Immigrant Mothers—At Least 69 Immigrants Enter Britain Every Hour—White British People Leaving in Increasing Numbers—White British to be a Minority within Three Generations—Third World Invasion Causes Overcrowding—Third World Invasion Causes Housing Shortage—English Set to Become Minority Language in London—State Services Being Destroyed by Third World Immigration—Third World Invasion Causes Crime Wave—Chinese Triad Gangs Operating All over Britain—The London Case Study—White British Children Already Ethnically Cleansed from Schools in Major Urban Areas—70% of School Children in London were Nonwhite in 2013—69% of School Children in Birmingham were Nonwhite in 2013.

Chapter Four: Europe Under Attack, Part I—Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands

1. Portugal: Crime and Immigration in Portugal—2. Spain: Special Police Units Created to Fight South American Gangs—3. France: Rampant Nonwhite Violence and Riots Plague Major Centers—Marseilles Set to be First Majority Muslim City in Europe.—4. Belgium: Moureaux-ville: “Africa in Brussels”—The Myth of “Economic Growth” through Integration—“Capital of Europe” to be Overrun—5. The Netherlands: Amsterdam and Major Cities Turning Majority Non-white—Two Third of Non-white Immigrants Fail School—Crime and Immigration in the Netherlands—Non-whites Majority of “Dutch” Prison Population—The “Helping Europe’s Economy” Myth Smashed by Government Report.

Chapter Five: Europe Under Attack, Part II—Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Greece

1. Germany: Germany Becomes Major “Refugee” Target—More than Half a Million “Asylum Seekers” Enter Germany 2014/2015—Non-white Crime Wave Sweeps Germany—German Children Ethnically Cleansed from Largest Berlin Suburb—2. Austria: Muslim Numbers Doubling Every Ten Years—3. Switzerland: Swiss Vote 78% in Favor of New Asylum Law—4. Italy: Padua: Third World Crime Wave Creates Uproar—Major Italian Cities Being Islamified—5. Greece.

Chapter Six: Europe under Attack, Part III—Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland

1. Denmark: Crime and Immigration in Denmark—Nonwhite Riots in Copenhagen—Nonwhite Rape Epidemic against White Females—2. Sweden: Crime and Immigration in Sweden—Nonwhite Crime “War against the Swedes”—Sweden: Nonwhite on White Rape Capital of the West—3. Norway: All Official Statistics Show Nonwhite Crime Wave in Norway—2014: Crime Drops as Police Deport Record Number of Nonwhites—Third Worlders Dependent on Welfare—4. Finland: Nonwhite Crime in Finland.

Chapter Seven: The Eastern Outpost—Russia and the Eastern European States

1. Russia: Russia Faces Massive Illegal Immigration Problem—Population Reverse and Increase—Immigration Policies Double Edged—Crime and Social Delinquency from Non-European Sources—Islamic Terrorism from the South—2. Eastern Europe: Poland; Czech Republic; Hungary; Romania; Bulgaria; Moldova; The former Yugoslavia; The Ukraine; The Baltic States.

Chapter Eight: The Maple Leaf Wilts —Canada

80 Percent of Immigration from Non-European Sources—Third World Social Delinquency in Canada—Terrorism Linked to Muslim Immigration and Canadian Intervention in Middle East Wars on Behalf of Israel—Nonwhite Crime Wave in Canada—Canada Struggles with Rising Black and Amerind Prison Population—Unemployment High among Third World Immigrants.

Chapter Nine: White Minority—The United States of America

Non-Hispanic Whites a Minority of US Population in 2020—White Death Rate higher than Birth Rate—Social Effects of Third World Colonization of America—Third World Economic Decline Stares US in Face—Worker Skill Sets Declining—
Educational System Collapse Follows Third World Colonization—Third World Immigration Drives up Poverty, Welfare Programs, Taxes, Crime Rates—South American Criminal Gangs Move to US—Third Worlders Majority of US Prison Population—The Sub-prime “Credit Crunch” and Immigration—FBI Crime Figures Confirm: Black Towns Most Dangerous, White Areas Safest—Somalis in America: A Horror Story of Crime, Violence, and Terrorism

Chapter Ten: Australia and New Zealand

1. Australia: Asian Immigration Swamping Cities—Middle Eastern Muslim Immigration—Minority in Australia before 2060—Crime and Nonwhite Immigration—Legal Immigration Avenues—Third World Immigration Causes Housing Shortage—Vietnamese Criminal Gangs Take Hold—African Gangs in Sydney—Police Officials Fired for Revealing Nonwhite Crime Wave—Nonwhite Rape Epidemic against White Females—2. New Zealand: Whites Less than 60% of Population by 2026—Third World Crime Rates in New Zealand

Chapter Eleven: What Must be Done

Is all Lost?—How Third World Nations Deal with Illegal Immigration—Europeans Have a Duty to Organize Politically—The Need for an European Ethnostate—The Choice: Separation or Extinction.

Appendix I: “Refugee” Invasion will Make Germany Majority Nonwhite in One Generation

Appendix II: Two-Thirds of all 2016 “Asylum Seekers” in EU Not from Syria or Iraq

Appendix III: The “Refugee” Hoax—Even According to UN Definition, the “Asylum Seeker” Do Not Qualify

178 pages. Paperback.


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