T. Lothrop Stoddard

The French Revolution in San Domingo (Haiti)

The French Revolution in San Domingo: The Shocking True Story of the Murderous, Bloody, and Anti-White Reign of Terror which Created the State of Haiti. By T. Lothrop Stoddard. The shocking true story of the murderous, bloody, and anti-white reign of terror in the French colony of San Domingo—now called Haiti—which raged from 1789 to 1805.

During this time, 450,000 Negro slaves, 39,000 whites and 27,500 mixed-race persons slugged it out in a bloodthirsty conflict which ended with the complete extermination of every white person on the Caribbean island—and created the state of Haiti.

This book is unique in that it is completely based on original source material, translated for the very first time, from the official records of the colony kept in France’s national archive.

In this way, a step-by-step narrative of the entire drama unfolds before the reader’s eyes, revealing in shocking detail the full extent of the causes, the violence, the attempted retribution, and finally the extermination of all white people on the island state.

The lessons contained in this book—on the ills of slavery, the incompatibility of the races, and the dangers of liberal ideology—are more valid today than ever before.


I. Introduction and Early History

II. Natural Features, Population, and Government

III. The Whites

IV. The Mulattoes and the Color Line

V. The Slaves

V.> The Eve of the Revolution In San Domingo

VII. First Stage of the Colonial Struggle In France

VIII. The First Troubles in San Domingo

VIII. The Assembly of Saint-Marc

IX. The Decree of May 15, 1791

X. The Negro Insurrection in the North

XII. The Mulatto Insurrection in the West

XII. The First Civil Commissioners

XIV. The Law of April 4, 1792

XV. The Second Civil Commissioners

XVI. Sonthonax’s Rule in the North

XVII. Polverel’s Government of the West

XVIII. The Destruction of Le Cap

XIX. Emancipation

XX. The English Intervention

XXI. The Advent of Toussaint Louverture

XXII. The Third Civil Commissioners

XXIII. The Mission of General Hédouville

XXIV. The War between The Castes

XXV. The Triumph of Toussaint Louverture

XXVI. The Advent of Bonaparte

XXVII. The Coming of Leclerc

XXVIII. The Coming of The Yellow Fever

XXIX. The Last Phase



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T. Lothrop Stoddard

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