Stuart Omer Landry

The Cult of Equality

By Stuart Omer Landry. A complete and accurate reproduction of the second edition of Stuart Omer Landry’s classic work on racial issues in America, first published in 1945.

Did you know that a quarter of all “lynching victims” in America—which are always portrayed as a white-on-black crime—were white criminals?

Did you know that in 1943, the US Secretary of War, HL Stimson, publicly condemned the behavior of US black troops during World War II as not up to standard and ordered the disbanding of several units for “non-performance”?

Did you know that the much-vaunted “Red Tails Tuskegee Airmen” had the lowest pass rate and highest number of training crashes and losses of any unit the US Air Force?

These and many more dramatic facts are contained in the long-suppressed book The Cult of Equality written by prominent Louisiana businessman Stuart Omer Landry. His book, written during the years 1944 and early 1945, was the first book to be published inside America which attempted to distance racial thought from National Socialist Germany.

Landry’s book discussed race, racial segregation, liberalism, communism, fascism, history, and the psychology of race in general. It remains a classic work on the topic, and has lost none of its punch or importance despite its age.

Although of course his statistics are now out of date, the general trends he shows about crime, educational attainment, employment, civilizational achievement and a host of other subjects, remain as valid as ever.

This book was instantly suppressed upon its appearance and has never been reprinted until now. This is a complete and accurate reproduction, containing all the original charts, illustrations and tables, which include one of the most astonishing images dealing with the “facial angle” and the relationship between prognathism (a jutting jaw) and brain size.

This book combines an eclectic mix of classical liberalism, racial realism and Southern racial paternalism, to produce a work which concludes that there is a determined effort by “equalitarians” to deny the facts of racial inequality—and of how, if they are successful, not only the Caucasian race, but all the races of the world will suffer.



I: The Philosophy of Equality

II: Fallacies in the Philosophy of Equality

III: The Danger of the Doctrine of Equality

IV: The Superiority of Some Races of Mankind over Others

V: The Accomplishments of the White Race Compared to Those of Other Races

VI: The Unfavorable Effect of Race Mixing on Various Nations

VII: The Failure of Civilization to Show Progress in the Countries Which Negroes Control

VIII: Negroes in the United States

IX: Physical Differences between Whites and Negroes

X: Mental Differences between Whites and Negroes

XI: Negro Delinquencies and Deficiencies

XII: Racial Prejudice and Antagonisms

XIII: What American Negroes Want

XIV: Racial Amalgamation Harmful to Superior Races

XV: Can the Race Problem in the United States Be Solved?

XVI: Summation


356 pages. Paperback


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Stuart Omer Landry

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