Theodore G Bilbo

Take Your Choice Separation or Mongrelization

Take Your Choice: Separation of Mongrelization. By Theodore G. Bilbo. State Senator, Lt. Governor, twice Governor, three terms United States Senator, State of Mississippi. A new edition of US Senator Theodore Bilbo’s classic work in which he predicted that multi-racial societies can never result in true racial equality, and would always degenerate into racial envy and chaos—and that the only fair and just solution for all races was physical geographic separation.

First published in 1947, Senator Bilbo’s book was also one of the first to divorce white racial survival from white supremacy, or rule over other races, which he saw as inevitably resulting in racial amalgamation and the destruction of the unique heritage of all those involved. Starting with a discussion of historical examples from Egypt, India, and the classical civilizations, Senator Bilbo proves that multi-racial societies always result in racial amalgamation and collapse. He then goes on to discuss the racial differences which lay at the core of this process, before showing that only racially homogeneous societies survive and prosper, and that only through the physical geographical separation of the races, can any race preserve its own unique heritage and culture.

Senator Bilbo discusses the demands being made by nonwhites present in white societies, showing that the accommodation of social integration is always the first step to physical integration, and then the destruction of unique racial identities. He then reviews—and demolishes—all the liberal and Christian arguments against the policy of geographical separation. He recounts how the founding fathers of America, and many others, including Abraham Lincoln and Confederate General Robert E. Lee, all sought the total separation of the races and the repatriation of Africans to Africa. He then discusses the work of the  African Colonization Society and the creation of Liberia, and discusses black supporters—men such as Marcus Garvey—who promoted the geographic separation policy. Included in this section is a recounting of Senator Bilbo’s own efforts to pass a new repatriation law in the US Senate—plans which were halted upon his premature death.

Finally, Senator Bilbo warns of what will happen should this policy not be implemented: the destruction of America and all civilizations and cultures, white and nonwhite alike.

This new edition has been completely reset and contains the complete hand-checked text of the original book, including both original appendices with the full text of Senator Bilbo’s 1939 bill  “for the Voluntary Resettlement of American Negroes in West Africa”—supported by the signatures of over two-and-a-half million blacks—and a full autobiography, prepared for his third successful US Senate campaign in 1946.

“When we have adopted the plan of physical separation of the white and Negro races, we shall have the comforting knowledge that with every month that passes, the perplexing race problem is being forever solved. And finally, when the program shall have been completed, the integrity of the two races will be preserved and each race will then be free to work out its own destiny. White America will continue her civilization to new heights; a black Nation in Africa will develop her own place in the sun. Is there any greater goal toward which we could labor?”




Chapter I: The Race Issue—Our Greatest Domestic Problem

Chapter II: Race and Civilization

Chapter III: The Negro Problem in American History

Chapter IV: Southern Segregation and the Color Line

Chapter V: The Demands of the Negro Leaders

Chapter VI: Inequalities of the White and Negro Races

Chapter VII: False Interpretations of American Democracy

Chapter VIII: False Concepts of the Christian Religion

Chapter IX: The Campaign for Complete Equality

Chapter X: Astounding Revelations to White America

Chapter XI: The Springfield Plan and Such

Chapter XII: The Dangers of Amalgamation

Chapter XIII: Physical Separation—Proper Solution to the Race Problem

Chapter XIV: Outstanding Advocates of Separation

Chapter XV: The Negro Repatriation Movement

Chapter XVI: Standing at the Crossroads

Appendix A: Bill for the Voluntary Resettlement of American Negroes in West Africa

Appendix B: Biographical Sketch of the Author

360 pages. Paperback.


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Theodore G Bilbo

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