Herman Greife

Slave Labor in the Soviet Union

By Herman Greife. Translated by B. Wartekin. A complete and accurate translation of the 1936 book Zwangsarbeit in der Sowjetunion, (“Forced Labor in the Soviet Union,”), first published in English in 1937. This book was the first English language publication to reveal to the outside world the true nature of the Soviet Union’s Gulag system of forced labor concentration camps.

Drawing largely upon a books published by the Soviet Union itself, describing the building of the White Sea Canal in Baltics—which was supposed to be a great Soviet “achievement”—and eyewitness accounts of refugees, this book describes how the camps were set up, who was running them, how the forced labor system worked, and finally, a detailed overview of the enormous sacrifice in human lives which the building of the White Sea Canal cost.

The book’s most controversial aspect was, however, that it identified the Soviet officials behind the Gulag system and the secret police which oversaw the entire operation—revealing that they were almost all, to a man, Communist Jews.

It was this aspect of this book which saw it buried and hidden until 1999, when it was republished, with omissions and errors, as Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union. A later reprint of that version has now been replaced by this new edition, which faithfully follows the original, and has retained the work’s original title.

This edition also contains, for the first time, the appendix to the original German edition, which was omitted from all previous English editions.


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Original Book Contents

To Our American Readers by the Translator

Preface, by the Author

Chapter 1: Extermination of the Valuable National Elements of Russia Through Jewry

Chapter 2: The Origin of the Compulsion Labor

Chapter 3: The Cry for Redemption of the Exiled

Chapter 4: The Division of Compulsion Workers

Chapter 5: The Construction of the Stalin White Sea Canal


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Herman Greife

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