T. Lothrop Stoddard

Re-Forging America: The Story of Our Nationhood

By T. Lothrop Stoddard. Written just after the passing of the 1924 Immigration Act, this book, by one of America’s most prominent racial thinkers, is an in-depth analysis of the racial developments which led to the American Revolution, the Civil War and the mass immigration of the late nineteenth century which disrupted the until-then almost entirely North-Western European colonization of North America.

Delighted that the 1924 law effectively stopped all further mass migration, Stoddard devoted the rest of this work to discussing solutions to what he called the existing “racial dilemmas” facing America, namely the threat of illegal Mexican immigration, the growth in black numbers and unassimilable immigrants from Europe.

“Let us not mince words! If the disaffected elements in America numbered one-half of our population, instead of one-tenth, we should to-day be headed for a convulsion which would make the Civil War look like child’s play. We have averted that catastrophe by our closing of the gates; and so long as we keep the gates closed we are reasonably safe. But, should we ever be insane enough to reopen the gates to mass-immigration, America would be foredoomed to a social and racial war of the most horrible character.”

Chapter I: The Foundations of Old America
Chapter II: The Beginning of National Life
Chapter III: The First Forging of America
Chapter IV: The Schism of the Civil War
Chapter V: The Shattering of Old America
Chapter VI: The Alien Flood
Chapter VII: On the Road to Ruin
Chapter VIII: The Great Awakening
Chapter IX: The Closing of the Gates
Chapter X: The Will to National Unity
Chapter XI: The Dilemma of Color
Chapter XII: Bi-Racialism: The Key to Social Peace
Chapter XIII: The Scope of the Task Before Us
Chapter XIV: Re-Forging America

252 pages. Paperback.


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T. Lothrop Stoddard

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