T. Lothrop Stoddard

Racial Realities in Europe

By T. Lothrop Stoddard. A sweeping survey of the physical characteristics and geographical placement of the main European sub-races as at the beginning of the twentieth century, prepared by T. Lothrop Stoddard, one of America’s foremost racial thinkers and writers, more famous for his work “The Rising Tide of Color.”

Adopting the broad categories of Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean, the author delves into a brief history of each sub-group, their characteristics, and reveals how the nations of Europe acquired their native stock and racial make-up.

“The scientific discoveries of the past generation have clearly revealed the vital importance of the racial factor in human affairs. Race, hitherto disregarded or minimized, is now seen to be the basic element in the destinies of peoples . . . This momentous discovery makes necessary a re-interpretation of both history and current events . . . This book attempts a brief survey of Europe along these lines.

“. . . Roughly speaking, the European races spread horizontally in three broad bands across the European continent. To the north lie the Nordics, centering about the Baltic Sea and stretching from the British Isles to Western Russia. To the south lie the Mediterraneans, centering about the Mediterranean Sea as the Nordics do about the Baltic. Between the Nordics and Mediterraneans thrusts the Alpine race, stretching from Russia and the Near East clear across mid-Europe until its outposts reach the Atlantic Ocean in Western France and Northern Spain. These three races differ markedly from one another, not merely in physical appearance but also in intellectual and emotional qualities.  . . .”

Now updated with a 32-page appendix which is a fully updated DNA map of Europe, compiled by Arthur Kemp from more than 70 scientific papers and studies into an easy-to-read format with charts and tables. This appendix reveals the exact proportions of European—and non-European—DNA in each European nation. It also includes a section on what DNA reveals about the “Khazar-Jewish” theory.


Chapter I: Racial Realities in Europe
Chapter II: Kindred Britain
Chapter III: The Nordic North
Chapter IV: Composite France
Chapter V: The Mediterranean South
Chapter VI: Alpinized Germany
Chapter VII: Disrupted Central Europe
Chapter VII: The Alpine East
Chapter IX: The Balkan Flux
Chapter X: The New Realism of Science
Appendix: DNA Survey of Europe

Present Distribution of European Races
Physical Map of Europe
Language Map of Europe

236 pages. Paperback.


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T. Lothrop Stoddard

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