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By John Baker. Third Edition: Updated with world DNA map. Written by an Oxford University professor, this book maps out almost every aspect of the biological differences between different races.

It describes species and races (subspecies); hybrids; and those theories of evolution that allow the various groups of animals to be graded as more or less primitive or advanced.

Drawing on physical and cultural anthropology, palaeontology, prehistoric archaeology, art history, and nineteenth-century accounts of Africans until then secluded from contact with other human groups, this book features sections on Europids; the Jews; the Celts; the Australids; the Sanids (Bushmen); and the Negrids.

In the final part, the author reviews in depth the evidence on heredity and cognitive ability and reaches the measured conclusion that in certain races a greater proportion of people are capable of developing high intelligence than in others.

The last section discusses who some races had achieved civilisation and others have not.





Part 1 The historical background

1 From Neanderthal man to the philosophers of the eighteenth century

2 Blumenbach and his scientific contemporaries

3 From Gobineau to Houston Chamberlain

4 From Kossinna to Hitler

Part 2 The biological background

5 The meaning of ‘species’

6 Hybridity and the species problem

7 The meaning of ‘race’

8 Some taxonomic and evolutionary theories

9 Colour

10 Odour

Part 3 Studies of selected human groups

11 Introduction to Part 3

12 Physical differences between the ethnic taxa of man: Introductory remarks

13 The Europids

14 The Jews

15 The Celts

16 The Australids (Australian aborigines)

17 The Sanids (Bushmen)

18 The Negrids (Negroes). I. Introduction

19 The Negrids. II. Foreign influences on culture

20 The Negrids. III. Indigenous culture

21 The Negrids. IV. Miscellaneous observations

Part 4 Criteria of superiority and inferiority

22 Introduction to Part 4

23 The assessment of cognitive ability

24 The inheritance of cognitive ability

25 Racial differences in cognitive ability

26 Racial differences in achievement. I Introduction

27 Racial differences in achievement. II Civilization


Race and the Science of DNA



Table of Races and subraces


425 pages. Paperback.


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John R. Baker

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