W.C. George

Race Problems and Human Progress

By W. C. George. The second, and long-suppressed, book by the famous author of The Biology of the Race Problem which deals with the consequences of ignoring race and racial differences in the formulation of public policy. With an introduction by Archibald Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt, and a foreword by Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Columbia University, Professor Henry E. Garrett.

The author, a professor emeritus of histology and embryology at the School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, builds upon the very real racial biological differences and shows that the factors that determine all life are the pool of genes created at fertilization, and not environmental.

Along the way, he discusses in detail the topics of hereditary, racial integration, intelligence, behaviour and race, crime and race, physical differences in brain structure between the races, and much more.

“The equalitarian dogma insists—in the face of all evidence to the contrary—that all men are born with equal endowment and can be kept equal if given the same opportunities and the same environment. Such erroneous views dominate because even literate and influential people are ignorant of the facts and are misled by their emotions.”


Introduction to the 2013 Edition

Introduction by Archibald B. Roosevelt

Foreword by Professor Henry E. Garrett, Ph. D., Sc.D.

Part I: Race, Heredity and Civilization

Promoting Talents of Both Races—Destruction of White Creative Genius– Good and Bad Hereditary Traits– A Pool of Genes– Mental and Physical Differences Both Inherited– Genius Runs in Families– Study of the African Mind– No Appreciable Development– High Negro Crime Figures– The Lesson of Haiti

Part II: Human Progress and the Race Problem

Forcing Integration– Race Problem in Big Cities– Slogans Useless–Integrationists Arguments Specious– High Illegitimate Birth Rate– Danger of Mixed Breeding– U.S. Army Tests– Not Affected by Climate– Negro Shares in White Achievements– Evidence of Twins– Thousands of Cases Studied– The Backwardness of Brazil– Tragic Consequences in Store– Racial Integration Preached in Campuses and Schools– Like Jumping Off a Cliff

Part III: Genes, Brains and Social Policies

Some Fundamental Questions– Role of the Clergy and Intellectuals– A Call for Research– Some Cases and Statistics– The Reality of Genes– Do Genes Determine Brains and Behavior?– The Structure of Mind– Structure and Function in Individual Development– The Genetic Reality of Racial Differences– Negro and White Brains

Part IV: Environmentalism and Experimental Embryology


Appendix 1: Answer to a Divinity Student

Appendix 2: Slanted Articles on Race


73 pages. Paperback.


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W.C. George

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