Carleton Putnam

Race and Reason

By Carleton Putnam. First published in 1961, this was the first major book to address race and racial differences in a calm, educated and sophisticated manner just as the “Civil Rights” revolution began sweeping America and overturning the established order.

Written by one of America’s most successful businessmen—the founder and president of Delta Airlines—Race and Reason is a question and answer format book dealing with race, racial differences, and which answers every liberal argument—and counter argument—with passion, reason, compassion and intellect.

It addresses the issues of physical, mental and psychological racial differences, backed up with meticulous research, statistics and analysis—and proves conclusively that integration can only lead to the harming of all races, and the destruction of Western European civilization in particular.

“Unquestionably a major common denominator of fallacy in the many-sided equalitarian ideology was the suppression of the truth concerning the genetic foundation of life. We saw this truth around us every day, in the color of our children’s eyes, in the structure of their bones, in the cast of their countenances, in the qualities of mind and heart that paralleled these elements, yet trance-like we clung to the belief that it did not exist.

“Genetic racial limitations should have been as clear as crystal. All history taught it. All free science confirmed it. Few but a patently self-serving minority of trained investigators contested it. Yet the leading nation of the free world embraced the fallacy, used its influence in foreign affairs in support of it, and corrupted its own people in its name.”—From the conclusion.


“One of the most important books of this generation.” —American Bar Association Journal.

“Incisive, authoritative, effective… Mr. Putnam has put all serious and objective students of the race problem in his debt.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“I urge thoughtful citizens to read Putnam’s analysis and, in keeping with constitutional principles of freedom of speech and press, to provoke public debate between the unpopular ideas he presents and those currently popular.” —William Shockley, Nobel laureate.

“Sane and Thoughtful… Without doubt an important and significant contribution to this vexing subject.” —Manchester News.

“A blockbuster in print… Here is a book that ought to be read by every thinking American, North and South.” —Kingsport Times-News.

“A real contribution to the history of our times… a scholarly effort to put the issue of race inside the framework of American traditions and world history.” —Charleston News and Courier.

“Race and Reason is a masterstroke… I believe it is the most important single document yet published on the question.” —Editor, Farmville Herald.

About the author: Carleton Putnam (1901–1998) was an American lawyer, businessman, biographer and writer. He graduated from Princeton University in 1924 and received a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Columbia Law School in 1932. He founded Chicago & Southern Airlines in 1933, which in 1953 was merged with Delta Air Lines. He would later serve as chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines and hold a seat on its board of directors until his death.

122 pages. Paperback.


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Carleton Putnam

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