Carleton Putnam

Race and Reality

By Carleton Putnam. This book is a sequel to Carleton Putnam’s Race and Reason. Race and Reality brings up-to-date the story begun in the earlier volume.

Readers familiar with the latter will find summarized here Putnam’s essential viewpoint set in a fresh perspective. They will also find added documentation and much that throws new light on the world’s deepening racial crisis.

Written in the form of a midnight soliloquy, Race and Reality recounts the author’s experiences with the scientific hierarchy since 1961. It traces to its source our national bewilderment on the Negro question. It also reviews the balance of the evidence in regard to the hidden facts. The book then tells the inside story of the Stell trial and explores the methods by which the truth about it has been evaded and ignored.

Finally, in a question and answer section similar to that in Race and Reason, it deals with the scores of related issues which so often confuse the central problem. In the last two chapters, it focuses on that problem and proposes a solution.

Stuart Campbell, in a lead review in the American Bar Association Journal, forecast that Race and Reason would become “one of the most important books of this generation.”

“Putnam penetratingly analyzes how liberal dogmatism has paralyzed the ability to doubt popular views even in academic cloisters with resultant prevention of publication of research on racial questions. I have also learned by both spoken and written communication that several members of the National Academy of Sciences share Putnam’s conclusion that there do exist significant genetic differences in distribution of potential intelligence between races.”—William Shockley, Nobel laureate and a leading member of the National Academy of Sciences.

About the author: Carleton Putnam (1901–1998) was an American lawyer, businessman, biographer and writer. He graduated from Princeton University in 1924 and received a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Columbia Law School in 1932. He founded Chicago & Southern Airlines in 1933, which in 1953 was merged with Delta Air Lines. He would later serve as chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines and hold a seat on its board of directors until his death.

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Carleton Putnam