Jacob Abbott

Queen Elizabeth

By Jacob Abbott. Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was England’s greatest monarch ever. This riveting account of her life and her nation’s exploits under her mid-sixteenth century reign provide the reader with a comprehensive insight into events which have become engraved in world history.

Starting with her family background, master story-teller Jacob Abbott takes the reader on a nonstop narration through her imprisonment, the intrigues which led to her ascension to the throne following the reign of “Bloody Mary,” the formal establishment of the English Protestant (“Anglican”) church, the threats to her life after the Pope released her subjects from all loyalty to her throne, the war with Scotland and the momentous defeat of the Spanish Armada.

It also discusses her personal life, her lovers, suitors, and ultimate death in 1603 after forty-four tumultuous years as leader of her nation.

During her time, England started on its path to establishing a world empire, and gifted the world such intellectual treasures as William Shakespeare.

This brand new edition has been completely reset and contains all new images which richly illustrate this now classic work.

About the author: Jacob Abbott (1803–1879) was a native of the state of Maine who was a professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, a minister, and founder of two schools (the Mount Vernon School for Young Ladies in Boston and the Mount Vernon School for Boys, in New York City). He wrote more than 180 books and became famous for his easy-to-read style of history storytelling, stripped of the dry dustiness which characterized other texts.


Chapter 1: Elizabeth’s Mother

Chapter 2: The Childhood of a Princess

Chapter 3: Lady Jane Grey

Chapter 4: The Spanish Match

Chapter 5: Elizabeth in The Tower

Chapter 6: Accession to The Throne

Chapter 7: The War in Scotland

Chapter 8: Elizabeth’s Lovers

Chapter 9: Personal Character

Chapter 10: The Invincible Armada

Chapter 11: The Earl of Essex

Chapter 12: The Conclusion

133 pages. Paperback.


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Jacob Abbott

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