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European Religions Vol. VII: Celtic Gods

Original European Religions Volume VII: The Celtic Gods. By J. Macullough. DNA, history and archaeology have shown that the European people, or those of a close enough racial origin, have existed for around 40,000 years, of which Christianity has only been the dominant religion for less than one thousand.

The Celtic religion is possibly one of the most suppressed pre-Christian belief systems of Western Europe. Starting with a racial definition of the Celtic people, this work explores the gods of Celtic France, Britain and Ireland before moving on to a full and highly satisfying review of the major Celtic myths and legends. Read here of the heroism and struggle of Celtic legends such as Cúchulainn, Finn and the Fenians, and the real origins of “King” Arthur.

This valuable work also discusses in full many of the controversial aspects of Celtic religion, and reveals the truth about Druids and allegations of Celtic human sacrifice—showing the latter to be unsubstantiated anti-Celtic Roman propaganda.

Finally, this book shows how many aspects of Celtic religion have survived into the present-day, and still forms a vital and living part of European culture. A highly recommended and readable overview. Fully indexed.

These volumes, Original European Religions, are a vital resource for any European person seeking to learn about their real cultural heritage, roots and belief systems of their ancestors which existed before the intrusion of Christianity.


Part I

The Celts and their Religion

Chapter I: The Origins Of The Celtic People

Chapter II: The Gods of Gaul and the Continental Celts

Chapter III: The Gods of the Gaels

Chapter IV: The Irish Mythological Cycle

Chapter V: Gods and Men

Chapter VI: The Cult of the Dead

Chapter VII: Sacrifice, Prayer, And Divination

Chapter VIII: Festivals

Chapter IX: The Druids

Part II

The Celtic Myths


Chapter I: The Gods of the Gaels

Chapter II: The Gods Arrive

Chapter III: The Rise of the Sun-God

Chapter IV: The Gaelic Argonauts

Chapter V: The War with the Giants

Chapter VI: The Conquest of the Gods by Mortals

Chapter VII: The Gods in Exile

Chapter VIII: The Saga of Cúchulainn

Chapter IX: Gaelic Love-Stories

Chapter X: Finn and the Fenians

Chapter XI: The Decline and Fall of the Gods

Chapter XII: The Gods of the Britons

Chapter XIII: The Adventures of the Gods of Hades

Chapter XIV: The Wooing of Enchantments

Chapter XVI: The Victories of Light over Darkness

Chapter XVII: The Mythological “Coming of Arthur”

Chapter XVIII: The Treasures of Britain

Chapter XIX: Survival of Celtic Religion into Modern Times



Cover illustration: The 5,200 year-old Newgrange Barrow, County Meath, Ireland.

291 pages. Paperback.


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Charles Squire, J.A. Macculloch

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