Ali Aliabadi

On Martial Arts, Zen, and the Blue-Eyed, Red-Bearded Barbarian

By Ali Aliabadi. Was the founder of Shaolin kung fu Chinese? Was Zen Buddhism created by a Japanese sage? What role did Nordics play, if any, in the formation of Far Eastern civilizations and cultures?

This remarkable essay draws together considerable evidence that the founder of Buddhism, martial arts and the Zen philosophy, did indeed lay with an Indo-European-descended wanderer into the Far East.

Drawing on original descriptions and writings from China and elsewhere, the author shows that despite modern depictions of Buddha and his proselytizing acolytes as Mongoloid, the more ancient sources described him with European, and even Nordic, features.

Finally, a section on DNA evidence is provided which confirms the link between Europeans and Ancient China. Footnotes, references, illustrated. Fascinating reading!


On Martial Arts, Zen, and the Blue-Eyed, Red-Bearded Barbarian.


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Brief communication: Two-rooted lower Canines—A European trait and sensitive indicator of admixture across Eurasia.

Trading genes along the silk road: mtDNA sequences and the origin of central Asian populations.

37 pages. Paperback.


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Ali Aliabadi

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