G.M. Mes

Mr. White Man, What Now?

By G. M. Mes. Introduction by Hon. Mr Justice J. F. Ludorf. This work applies G.M. Mes’s theory of racial evolutionary psychology as outlined in his earlier work Now-Men And Tomorrow-Men Why We Are Not Equal?, to explain the rise and fall of past civilizations.

The author explains how Western Civilization arose to its world-dominant position though superior technology, and the firearm in particular. The “medium-futured” European, with his gun in his hand saw the advantages of being the “master” and of taking the bounty.

However, Mes points out that the era of white overlordship is coming to an end.

“We, the White men, the hated ‘Palefaces’, have held the world in thrall for fifteen to twenty generations and we have become so used to it, that we cannot see what the rest of the world already knows for some time, namely, that our days are numbered. It is necessary that we open our eyes and look at what is happening around us.”

Mes describes what may happen if the medium-futured Europeans disappear completely—but in the first of two appendices, he outlines, with specific reference to South Africa, what needs to be done to avoid the extinction of Western Civilization.

The second appendix contains the full text of Chapter 12 of Nathanial Weyl’s ‘The Negro in American Civilization.”

About the author: Gerrit Marie Mes was a general and orthopedic surgeon who trained in the Netherlands and London, and lived in Krugersdorp, South Africa.




CHAPTER I: The Future is Black

CHAPTER II: ‘Real’ History

CHAPTER III: The Anatomy of a ‘Civilization’

CHAPTER IV: Our Civilization–Introduction

CHAPTER V: Our Civilization–Upsurge

CHAPTER VI: Our Civilization–Downwards

CHAPTER VII: Our Civilization–The Beginning of the Rot

CHAPTER VIII: Men are not Equal

CHAPTER IX: Human Rights

CHAPTER X Liberty and Liberation

CHAPTER XI: Just ‘Different’

CHAPTER XII: The Cause of the Difference

CHAPTER XIII: The Nature of the Difference

CHAPTER XIV: All Governments are by the People

CHAPTER XV: The Short-futured State

CHAPTER XVI: The Long-futured State

CHAPTER XVII: Mr. White Man Himself

CHAPTER XVIII: This Democracy of ours

CHAPTER XIX: The Machine as ‘Slave’

CHAPTER XX: The White Man now

CHAPTER XXI: Nearer Home



CHAPTER XXIV: The Day after Tomorrow

APPENDIX I: And what of South Africa?

APPENDIX II: Chapter Twelve of: The Negro In American Civilization

275 pages. Paperback.


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G.M. Mes

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