Let My People Go!

Let My People Go! Marcus Garvey and the Back to Africa Movement. Writings by Earnest Sevier Cox, a Personal Friend of Marcus Garvey. Afterword by Marcus Garvey. 

It is now a suppressed part of history in America that well over four million blacks under the leadership of Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.), openly signed up to return to Africa rather than live with whites in America.

This collection of essays by Earnest Sevier Cox—the famous author of White America—tells the story of Garvey, as seen through white American eyes.

Cox formed a personal friendship with Garvey, and was one of his most vocal supporters throughout the latter’s turbulent career in America. These essays reveal much hidden history of Garvey’s movement, his interactions with the state, and how he was eventually railroaded into jail on blatantly trumped up charges.

Cox then kept on promoting Garvey’s ideals, and could be found as late as 1953 co-operating with a US Senator to re-introduce a bill to Congress aimed at carrying out Garvey’s plan.

This work provides a fascinating insight into how many Blacks in America understood the real issues at stake—that it was their race which is in peril just as much as that of the whites, and that physical geographic separation was the only way to achieve true racial justice and peace.

This new edition combines a number of Cox’s writings, and has an afterword written by Garvey: his “Appeal to the Soul of White America,” first published in 1923.

This edition also benefits from biographies of both the author and Garvey, 34 new footnotes explaining events and personalities to the modern reader, and several appendices which among other things, reveal that Garvey’s organization, the U.N.I.A, is still in existence and has a support base of over one million black families in America who still seek to be repatriated to Africa.


About Earnest Sevier Cox

About Marcus Garvey

1. Let My People Go!
A Foreword to White Americans ; A Message from White Men Who Wish to Keep the White Race White, to Black Men Who Wish to Keep the Black Race Black; The Problem; The Issue; The Contestants; The Aim; The New Nation; Methods; The Objections; The Alliance

2. The South’s Part in Mongrelizing the Nation
A Foreword to American Negroes; Introduction; Appendix I: “Extraordinary Virginia Petition.”; Appendix II: Recent Virginia Racial Legislation

3. Unending Hate
Foreword To American Negroes; Unending Hate; To The White South

4. Testimony Before the US Senate, 1953
Testimony Of Earnest Sevier Cox; Postscript 1: The Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A) in 2022; Postscript 2: The Peace Movement of Ethiopia

5. Herman’s Brother

6. Afterword: An Appeal to the Soul of White America by Marcus Garvey

238 pages. Paperback.


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