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Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War Against Western Civilisation

By Arthur Kemp. For centuries, violent Muslims have been trying to capture Europe for Islam. Sweeping out from its origin in Saudi Arabia, Islam has expanded through violent conquest into North Africa, the Middle and Near East – and very nearly into Europe itself, attacking through Spain, Italy, and the Balkans. Each time, the Islamic hordes were turned back by a united European military effort.

Few people know that all the regions currently thought of as “Muslim”—such as North Africa, and the entire Middle East—were all invaded by Muslim armies, and the local populations converted to Islam by force. Even the Crusades were not “European aggression” but in fact defensive measures aimed at countering the Islamic invasion of Christian lands in the Middle East…..

Today, the Islamic invasion is not being carried out with sieges, scimitars, or cannon, but rather by immigration, birth rates, and demographics.

Given current trends, Europe is set to be overrun before the end of this century.

Finally, this book dares to say what must be done if Europe is to avoid succumbing to the new invasion. The choice is hard, but is one which will determine whether Western Civilisation lives or dies.


The Skull Tower, Niš, Serbia


Chapter 1: The Mindset Which Gives Rise to Islam

IQ, Race, and Belief Systems—Latinos and Islam in the United States of America

Chapter 2:  Born in Conflict —Muhammad and the Rise of Islam

Muhammad Flees to Medina—The Battle of Badr—The Battle of Uhud—The Battle of the Trench—Truce of Hudaybiyya—The Conquest of Mecca—Conquest of Arabia

Chapter 3: The Muslim Invasion of the Middle East

The Muslim Invasion of Iraq—The Muslim Invasion of Persia (Iran)—The Muslim Invasion of Southern Syria—The Muslim Invasion of Palestine—The Muslim Invasion of Lebanon—The Muslim Invasion of Northern Syria—The Muslim Seizure of Jerusalem—The Muslim Invasion of Anatolia—The Muslim Invasion of Afghanistan—The Muslim Invasion of Pakistan and Northern India—The Muslim Invasion of Southern Armenia—The Muslim Invasion of Western China

Chapter 4: The Muslim Invasion of North Africa

The Muslim Invasion of Egypt—The First Muslim Invasion of Libya and North Africa—The Second Muslim Invasion of Libya and North Africa—The Third Muslim Invasion of Libya and North Africa—The Berbers Crushed and Forcibly Converted to Islam—Ceuta: The Last Non-Muslim Stronghold Falls

Chapter 5: The Muslim Invasion of Spain and France

The Muslim Invasion of Spain—Spain Falls to the Muslim Invaders—The First Muslim Invasion of France—The Second Muslim Invasion of France—Charles “The Hammer” Martel Saves Western Europe—The Third Muslim Invasion of France

Chapter 6: The Muslims Invade the Eastern Roman Empire

The First Muslim Siege of Constantinople—The Second Muslim Siege of Constantinople—Byzantine Empire Regains Territory from the Muslims—Muslim Invasion of Sicily—Muslim Raids into Greece—Byzantine Retakes Syria from Muslim Invaders—The Seljuk Turks Replenish the Muslim Assault—The Battle of Manzikert—Harbinger of Doom for the Byzantines—The Seljuks Give Way to the Ottomans

Chapter 7: Europe Fights Back—The Crusades

The Crusades: Not European Aggression, but a Defense against Muslim Attacks—The First Crusade—The Second Crusade—The Third Crusade—The Fourth Crusade—The Fifth Crusade—The Sixth Crusade—The Seventh Crusade—The Eighth Crusade—The Ninth Crusade—The Muslim Advance to the Gates of Constantinople Once Again

Chapter 8: The Muslim Destruction of Constantinople

Europeans Massively Outnumbered at Siege of Constantinople—Final Muslim Attack Begins, May 28, 1453—Muslims Massacre the Byzantines—Constantinople Renamed Istanbul—Chapter 9: The Muslim Invasion of Southeastern Europe—The First Muslim Conquests in the Balkans—Serbia Conquered and Annexed to Ottoman Empire—Vlad Dracula: Terror of the Muslim Invaders—Battle of Mohács: Budapest Falls to Muslim Invaders—The First Siege of Vienna Ends with Muslim Defeat—Further Muslim Advances into Moldavia and Hungary—Muslims Tartars Raid Poland—Polish Hero Jan Sobieski Defeats Muslim Invaders at Chocim—The Muslims Reach Vienna Once Again

Chapter 10: The Muslim Invasion of Italy

First Muslim Attacks on Sicily—Muslims Attack Mainland Italy—The Muslim Conquest of Sicily—The Normans Finally Drive the Muslims out of Sicily—The Hill of the Martyrs—Rhodes, Malta, and the Holy League—The Barbary Pirates Seize One Million White Slaves

Chapter 11: Reconquista—The Muslims Driven out of Iberia

War with the Franks—The Caliphate of Córdoba Counterattacks—The Reconquista Restarts with Alfonso VI—New Muslim Invasion Army Arrives 1211—Muslims Suffer Defeats, Forced South—Muslim and European Reinforcements Arrive—Another Muslim Army Lands in Spain, 1333—The Ten Year’s War: The Muslims Driven out of Spain

Chapter 12: The Muslims Driven out of the Balkans

1683 Battle of Vienna Marks Turning Point—Muslim Siege Begins with Tunnels under City—Sobieski Leads Largest Cavalry Charge in History—Muslims Fight On, but are Driven South—Russians Attack Muslim Invaders—Serbia Revolts against the Islamic Yoke—Muslims Driven out of Greece—Michael the Brave Drives Muslims out of Romania—Muslims Driven out of Bulgaria—Russians Drive Islamic Invaders Back to Constantinople—The Balkan Wars—Muslims Finally Driven off Mainland Europe in 1913—The Armenian Holocaust 1915–1923—World War I Sees Final End of Muslim Ottoman Empire

Chapter 13: The Modern Muslim Invasion

The Demographic Facts of the New Muslim Invasion—The Five Characteristics of Islamic Communities in European Nations

Chapter 14: What must be done if the West is to Survive

Appendix: The Murderous Path: Muslim Terrorist Attacks in Europe Since 2014

Europol 2016 Attack Statistics: 142 Killed—The Full List of Attacks from May 2014 to August 2017: 344 Killed, 1,706 Injured—Terrorism Increasing as Muslim Numbers Swell—How Would the Establishment React if These Attacks had been Carried out by Members of the “Church of Scientology?”


109 pages. Paperback.


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