Revilo P. Oliver

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

By Revilo P. Oliver. In this volume, Professor Revilo P. Oliver critically analyses—and destroys—all the modern shibboleths, weird beliefs, mass delusions, and psychotic hallucinations which plague the world and European people in particular.

He provides a highly amusing overview of superstitions, folk lore, popular myths, UFOs, Pyramid Power, ghosts, spoon-bending, psychic powers, organized religion, scientists who believe in hokum and much more—all the while providing his typically unique insights into race, racial psychology, society, sex, and the role of Judaism and Christianity.

This is without doubt one of his best books, and certainly the rarest. Contains new introduction “The Margaret Mead Myth” and a comprehensive biographical sketch.

About the author: Dr Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois for thirty two years, was a scholar of international distinction who wrote scholarly articles in four languages, which were published in twelve learned periodicals of the United States and Europe.


Introduction: The Margaret Mead Hoax

Biographical Note

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

100 pages. Paperback.


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Revilo P. Oliver

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