Phil Tourney

Holocaust on the High Seas

By Philip F. Tourney. An explosive first-hand, eye-witness account of Israel’s vicious, premeditated attack on the virtually unarmed intelligence-gathering vessel USS Liberty (AGTR-5) in the Mediterranean Sea in international waters on June 8, 1967—the fourth day of the Six-Day War.

USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney describes in vivid detail the horror of that day and its aftermath, and tells the true story that the Zionist state and its supporters, the entire apparatus of the U.S. government, and their co-conspirators in the media have kept hidden for over 50 years!

While patrolling in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on June 8, 1967, the unarmed, intelligence-gathering vessel confronted an enemy they never expected: Israel.

In an unprovoked attack, unmarked Israeli jets pounded the Liberty with cannon fire, rockets, and napalm, while the American crew tried to make sense of what was happening, as their friends and shipmates were blown apart by the Zionist state’s weaponry.

After the jets murdered nine helpless Americans, Israeli motor torpedo boats (MTBs) moved in for the kill, firing machine guns and launching five torpedoes, with one hitting its mark, instantly blasting apart 25 Liberty crewmen.

The MTBs continued firing upon the damaged ship, hoping the hit the boilers, as those aboard were unsure if they were on their way to a watery grave, as the massive hole in the Liberty continued to let tons of seawater in.

Expending their ammunition, the MTBs retreated, and a new, armed adversary approached the stricken vessel: Israeli troop helicopters with commandos aboard to finish the job. All the while, the nearby U.S. Sixth Fleet, hearing the Liberty’s cries for help, launched fighter aircraft, only to be recalled by the White House.

“Stunning! The best most action-packed summary of the events surrounding the attack on the USS Liberty yet to appear in print.”
No normal persona can read this book without experiencing a sense of revulsion at the events it describes—and a burning anger that the perpetrators have not been called to account.

Covered-up for over 50 years, by shrieks of “anti-Semitism,” it is way past time the crew of the USS Liberty is recognized and honored, so every person can learn about this vital piece of U.S. military history.

A tiny, powerful minority has kept this story under wraps for over half a century, all the while dishonoring the memory of the USS Liberty crewmen, the ship, the U.S. navy, and every citizen of the United States of America.

This book is an abbreviated and amended version of What I Saw That Day: Israel’s June 8 1967 Holocaust of U.S. Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and its Aftermath, produced for the sole purpose of getting this story into as many hands as possible.



Foreword: The Cover-Up of The Century

Chapter 1: Trail of Tears

Chapter 2: Those “Arab Bastards”

Chapter 3: Rude Awakening

Chapter 4: Staring in The Eyes Of Satan

Chapter 5: Broken Men, Broken Hearts

Chapter 6: 18 Hours of Hell

Chapter 7: A Group Effort

Chapter 8: An Unwelcome Guest

Chapter 9: Forsaken

Chapter 120: Scars

Chapter 11: When in Rome

Chapter 12: Kangaroo Court

Chapter 13: Going Home

Appendix A: A Message from a Crewmember of the USS Davis

Appendix B: Declaration of Ward Boston, Jr. Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.)

Appendix C: “The Moorer Report”

Appendix D: Operation Susannah: The Lavon Affair and Its Meaning for the USS Liberty

Appendix E: Mistaken Identity?

126 pages. Published by Rockstar Publishing.


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Phil Tourney

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