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Hitler as no one knows him

Hitler as no one knows him: 100 Pictures from the Life of the Führer. Photographs by Heinrich Hoffmann. Text by Baldur von Schirach. The first-ever translation of the 1938 book containing one hundred ultra-rare (and many never-before seen) images from official NSDAP photographer Heinrich Hofffmann, with a preface and captions written by Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach.

Covering the period from Hitler’s World War I service through to 1932, these photographs and captions show Hitler’s personal side, quite separate from the carefully-crafted public image.

Most of the images are informal, and include rare pictures of Hitler with his army frontline music group, his sister, friends, supporters’ children, and his three dogs at home. Other images show Hitler’s army dog tags, his favorite dog that was poisoned by communists, and Hitler asleep in his car travelling between rallies, having informal lunches with friends, laughing at newspaper reports of his “Jewish girlfriend,” carrying his own chairs, being a best man at a wedding, overseeing building work at the Brown House in Munich, and the moment when he received the telephone call informing him he had at last been made a German citizen.

As the original German description read: “Countless millions of followers of Hitler will get an insight into the personal life of the Führer, and will learn more about his widespread interests. The illustrations shown in the work are largely unknown. The photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, who has been living in Hitler’s closest surroundings for ten years, has selected them from many thousands of photographs and thus created a unique picture work that can claim to be documentary truth. It will be particularly welcome as an illustrative addition to Hitler’s Mein Kampf.”

This is not a “photocopy” but a perfect digital copy made from a German-language original, reproduced to the highest quality possible.

112 pages  7” x  10” format. Paperback.


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Hoffmann – Schirach

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