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Goering: The Man and His Work

Herman Goering: The Man and His Work The Original 1938 Authorized Biography. By Erich Gritzbach. The only authorized biography of Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering, written and published with the subject’s direct permission by his personal assistant, chief of staff and SS Senior Leader (“Oberführer”) Erich Gritzbach.

This work covers Goering’s early life, education, and personal life and habits, before moving on to his combat history during World War I—where he served as deputy commander of the German air force’s famous “Flying Circus” air unit under the “Red Baron” Manfred von Richthoven. Upon the latter’s death, Goering took command of that unit.

It then moves on to describe his first meeting with Adolf Hitler, his conversion to National Socialism, and his role as leader of the very first Sturmabteilung (S.A., or “Storm Detachment,” better known as the “brownshirts”), his election to the Reichstag for the NSDAP and his role in the coming to power of that party.

The story follows his appointment as Prime Minister of Prussia—where he introduced the world’s first anti-vivisection and anti-cruelty to animals law. His hobby of hunting is also discussed, along with his measures to protect wildlife in Germany.

Next, Goering’s appointment as German minister of the interior is discussed, a role in which he founded the Geheime Staatspolizei (“Secret State Police,” or “Gestapo”) to root out communists (before that organization was handed over to the control of the SS).

Then the reader is told how, as Air Minister and chief of the Luftwaffe—the role for which he is best-known—Goering rebuilt the German air force, and laid the basis for the passenger airline service today still known as Lufthansa, a model on which all the world’s airlines were built thereafter.

Finally, his work in international diplomacy, and his personal hobbies are discussed, all to round off a history of the man who was to become Hitler’s deputy.

This book was translated into English in 1938 and published with an introduction prepared by British propaganda expert Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart, which is included in this new edition. Completely reset, and contains all 51 original illustrations.

292 pages. Paperback.


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Eric Gritzbach

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