Nesta H. Webster

Germany and England: A Prelude to War, 1938

By Nesta H. Webster, with 55 new explanatory footnotes. This is famous British author Nesta Webster’s last—and most suppressed—book, published just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Originally published as Germany and England, this book deviated completely from the themes of Webster’s earlier works, and dealt exclusively with what she said was the international Jewish lobby’s preparations to start another war in Europe.

Plans for this war, she wrote, were not based on Germany’s justifiable actions to recover from the inequities of the Treaty of Versailles, but only because Hitler’s Germany had removed the Jews from all positions of influence in that country.

Webster discusses in detail the UK government’s hypocrisy in dealing with Germany—for example, by gunning down Arabs in British Mandated Palestine protesting against the Zionist ethnic cleansing underway there—while at the same time demanding that Germany not react with force at injustices committed upon Germans.

Other topics covered in this volume include the truth behind the “Czechoslovakia Crisis,” the USSR’s plans to spread Communism in Europe, the differences between Bolshevism and Fascism, and the deliberate lies being spread about Hitler and Germany by the British press in their desire to incite a war.

“Can it be mere coincidence that all those countries we are now taught to hate are those which have shown the strongest opposition to Bolshevism? . . . It does not matter with which of the Fascist States the quarrel is begun, the rest will come in with it and the war will indeed become world wide.”

This new edition has been taken directly from an original copy, and contains the complete text and all four appendices. It also includes 55 new footnotes which explain events and personalities referred to in the body of the text.

About the author: Nesta Helen Webster (nee Bevan, 1876–1960), was educated at Westfield College in London, and worked as a journalist and writer. She initially specialized in writing about conspiracy theories, and is likely most responsible for reviving belief in the far-fetched “Illuminati” conspiracy. However, by the early 1920s, she had discovered the international Jewish lobby, and focused her attention in that direction, becoming the lead writer for the Patriot newspaper. Webster’s support for Hitler—as outlined in this book, published in 1938—dissipated after the unexpected Nazi-Soviet Pact of August 1939, which she saw as a betrayal to the Jewish lobby.  Devastated at the turn of events, and the “worst war in history” that followed—which she predicted in this book—Webster retired from active politics and writing, and lived in relative obscurity until her death at the age of 84.


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Chapter One: The Volte Face

Chapter Two: Governessing Europe

Chapter Three: The Question of Czechoslovakia

Chapter Four: Bolshevism and Fascism

Chapter Five: Hitler

Chapter Six: Hitler and the Jews

Chapter Seven: A War of Hate

Chapter Eight: Horrors of the Home Front

Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III, Appendix IV


76 pages. Paperback.


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Nesta H. Webster

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