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Slave to Emperor: Racial Decline of Rome

From Slave to Emperor: Famous Historians on the Racial Reasons for the Decline of the Roman Empire. Including the work of Professors Tenney Frank, A.M. Duff, Charles Merivale, George La Piana, Theodor Mommsen, and the multiple authors of the Cambridge Ancient History and the Encyclopedia Britannica’s Historians’ History of the World. Introduction by Arthur Kemp, BA (Pub. Ad., Pol. Sci., Int. Pol.).

Although many historians have either ignored the racial factor in the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire, there have been many who recognized race as the critical element in Rome’s history.

The essay in this book summarizes all the points made by these authors and provides a critically-needed antidote to modern liberal historical interpretations which pretend that race does not exist–and that racial change was the reason for the fall of the Roman Empire.

Illustrated, contains full facsimile of Professor Tenney’s “Race Mixture in the Roman Empire” as first published in the American Historical Review, July 1916.



From Slave to Emperor: Famous Historians on The Racial Reasons For The Decline Of The Roman Empire

Appendix: “Race Mixture in the Roman Empire” by Professor Tenney Frank

Appendix: Race Consciousness in the Roman Empire by Gneisenau

Appendix: The Race Problem of the Roman Empire by Martin P. Nilsson

78 pages. Paperback.


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Tenney Frank

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