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Communism in Germany 1932

Communism in Germany: The Truth about the Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the National Revolution. By Adolf Ehrt. Contrary to post-war propaganda, it was not the Nazis who terrorized Germany prior to 1933, but the far Left. This book, based on original police case files from the time, shows how the far Left and their socialist party allies waged a campaign of violence, terrorism, armed uprising, forgery, subversion, and espionage from 1918 to 1933.

It was the Left’s violent attacks on ordinary Germans which forced the Nazis to develop their self-defense units, the Brownshirts (S.A.)—who are nowadays quite falsely portrayed as the aggressors.

This illustrated work shows that the Communist conspiracy to create a 1918-style Bolshevik Revolution in Germany was very far advanced.

Arms had been stockpiled in secret underground armories in the Communist Party headquarters. Bombings, assassinations, and a planned list of murders and street violence were already underway when the Reichstag arson—also now commonly falsely attributed to the Nazis—took place as part of their plan to create a Soviet Germany.

A fully documented and fascinating study of an important period in history which definitively exposes the lies of postwar propagandists.

From the book:

“No fewer than 200 S.A. men fell whilst defending Germany against the Communist Internationale; 20,319 S.A and SS men were beaten and injured for life by the Communist terrorist troops, or otherwise wounded or seriously wounded. The fight in which they fell was no less honorable and vital that the German defensive war of 1914—1918, with the difference that the other sides of the barricades were not manned by honorable soldiers of a foreign nation, but by criminal gangs of the lower orders and misled members of our own people in the service of a rootless, international group of Jewish and Marxist intellectuals.”

An exact reproduction of the 1933 edition issued by the American section of the International Committee to Combat the World Menace of Communism, complete with all original illustrations.



I. The System and History of Communism in Germany: The armed rising as the goal—The “putsch” period, 1918—23—Soviet Munich—The Hamburg Rising—Cultural Bolshevism, 1924–31—The network of Communist organization—Eccentric Circles—The armed rising, 1932–3—Irruption of the world revolution

II. Conspiracy: The invisible ghetto—House searches in the Communist party and trial alarm—Illegal procedure adopted—The art of conspiring—Cypher codes—Courier service—Secret broadcasting stations—Black lists—“Getting rid of the leaders”—Intelligence service in times of crisis—The illegal party organization—The OSNA—The Am-organization—The intelligence service during the armed rising

III. Treason: The Communist Internationale—Directions for espionage—Works’ espionage—The Ino-G.P.U.—Betrayal of military secrets—Secret MOPR organization—The freeing of political prisoners—Passport forging office—Frontier smuggling

IV. High Treason: Military-political literature—Espionage in the Army—Sketches made by spies—Subversion of the Army and Police—Sabotage of the military forces—Red police cells—Cases of subversive work

V. The Armed Rising:

a) Mobilization: The principles of an armed rising—Smuggling of weapons—Theft of weapons—Weapons found—Theft of explosives—The R.F.B.—Military training—Red Army manoeuvres—Organization—Secret Reich Conference—Before the start—Anti-Fascist Fighting League—Ready to attack—The Dresden affair—Alarm Orders—Red Mass Self-Protection—Military Instruction—Shooting practice—Mobilization orders—Communist Youth Association—Terrorist Groups

b) Mass Terrorism: Fighting instructions—Terrorist groups in action—Threatening letters—Looting—Poisonings—Felseneck—Arrest of a Terrorist Group—Murder on the Bülow Platz—The Murder of S.A. man Tielsch—Bomb Outrages—Bloody Sunday in Altona—Hamburg and Eisleben—Terrorists—Murdered S.A. men and Red Terrorists—List of N.S.D.A.P. casualities—List of police casualties

c) The Final Encounter: The leadership and the plan—Its execution—Street-fighting—Directions for fighting and alarm orders—Plan of action for Berlin—Wrangel Strasse Police Barracks—To Arms—Destruction of the K.P.D.

VI. The Task: Renaissance and Insurrection—The Nations and the Internationale.

179 pages. Paperback.


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Adolf Ehrt

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