Frank L. Britton

Behind Communism 1917—2020

By Frank L. Britton. New, updated, revised and expanded edition, 1917—2020 compiled by the Frank L. Britton Memorial Committee. A fully revised, expanded and updated from the original 1952 book, this work has now been expanded into a 264-page epic which details the origin of Communism and its present-day legacy across the world. Without any question, this is the most comprehensive overview of the Jewish roots of communism ever written and deals with that ideology as it developed in Europe, and then spread across the world.

The original book only dealt with the creation of the Soviet Union and touched on the Jewish role in communism in the United States. This new edition has been updated to include post-war Communist movements in eastern Europe, Britain, America, South Africa and China.

New additions to the 2021 edition include the British Government’s official parliamentary White Paper on Bolshevism, which explicitly named Jews as being behind the Communist Revolution; the world-famous National Geographic magazine’s report on the Jewish nature of Bolshevism; the headquarters of the Jewish-communist Daily Forward newspaper in New York City, complete with marble friezes of Marx, Engels, Lasalle and Liebknecht, all Jewish communist revolutionaries; and new sections on AIPAC, Jonathon Pollard’s return to Israel, the USS Liberty, Jewish control of the pornography industry; former CIA director George Tenet’s admission that the Jewish “neo-conservatives” in the Bush administration framed him for the fake “WMD in Iraq intelligence,” and much more.

Cover image: Nelson Mandela and the head of the South African Communist Party, the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, 1990.


Preface to the New Edition
Chapter 1: The Persecution Myth
Chapter 2: The Khazar Theory Disproved by DNA
Chapter 3: The Jew in Europe
Chapter 4: The Expulsions
Chapter 5: Back to the East
Chapter 6: The Tsars and the Jews
Chapter 7: Marxism and Zionism Emerge
Chapter 8: Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution
Chapter 9: World War I Weakens the Tsar
Chapter 10: The March 1917 Revolution
Chapter 11: The Origin of the Bolshevists
Chapter 12: The Ground is Prepared
Chapter 13: The Sixth Party Congress
Chapter 14: Trotsky to Power
Chapter 15: Encyclopedia Judaica Confirms the Jewish Origin of Communism
Chapter 16: Winston Churchill on the Jewish Role in Communism
Chapter 17: The US Army’s Telegrams on the Jewish Role in Communism
Chapter 18: The London Times Correspondent’s List of Jews Behind Bolshevism
Chapter 19: UK Government’s White Paper on Bolshevik Revolution Details Jewish Involvement
Chapter 20: National Geographic Magazine on the Jewish Origin of Bolshevism
Chapter 21: The Red Terror
Chapter 22: Jews Exporting the Revolution
Chapter 23: Trotsky in Decline
Chapter 24: Lazar Kaganovich and Mass Murder
Chapter 25: Stalin’s Jews—The Greatest Mass Murderers of Modern Times
Chapter 26: The “Soviet Zion” and Plans for a Jewish Homeland
Chapter 27: Iron Curtain Dictators
Chapter 28: Jews and Communism in the Soviet Union After Stalin
Chapter 29: Jews Come to America
Chapter 30: The U.S. Communist Party
Chapter 31: Jews and Communism in America according to Defector Louis Budenz
Chapter 32: Jews as Communist Spies in America
Chapter 33: Jew Communist Spies and the Atom Bomb Treason
Chapter 34: Jews Spy for Israel Against America 1950–2020
Chapter 35: Communism in Hollywood
Chapter 36: Jewish Media Control
Chapter 37: Jews in the Communist Movement in Britain
Chapter 38: Jews in the Communist Movement in South Africa
Chapter 39: Jews and the Communist Movement in China
Chapter 40: Conclusion

260 pages, 166 illustrations, indexed. Paperback.


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Frank L. Britton

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