Delivery Terms and Conditions

Update as of 2022:  Due to unacceptably high loss rates in the postal services of certain nations only, any order to those nations will only be serviced by courier. Your understanding in this matter will be appreciated.

In some other regions, we are now offering shipping via Post Office mail AND Courier. This is because in those regions, we have experienced occasional postal losses. In those regions we would therefore recommend the courier option, even though it is more expensive. Please note that in these specific regions we cannot accept liability for losses in the Post Office system but we WILL accept ake full liability if the courier option is chosen.

Update as of 2021: Customers are advised that logistical delays caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic have affected supply chain and delivery systems all over the world. This is a situation beyond our control. Delivery times have been severely affected, and customers are asked to bear this fact in mind.


Ostara Publications shall without undue delay confirm the order by a written order confirmation for all orders.

It is intended that the order and packaging process turnaround time should never be more than three (3) days of receipt of the order confirmation.

It is the Purchaser’s obligation to ensure that all details contained in the order are correct, and specifically with regard to the delivery address.

Should the Purchaser wish to change any details in the order (such as a delivery address), the Purchaser must notify Ostara Publications IMMEDIATELY.

If the Purchaser fails to provide such notification, Ostara Publications shall not be liable for any incorrectness or delays in the delivery of the Products.

In the event the Purchaser notifies the Supplier of such non-compliance, the Supplier shall, without undue delay send the Purchaser a new and correct order confirmation.


Ostara Publications shall deliver the Products using wherever possible a tracked mail delivery system.

Due to unacceptably large losses in the postal services of certain countries, it has been decided to discontinue delivery by ordinary mail IN CERTAIN COUNTRIES.

If the country from which you are ordering falls into this category, you will ONLY be offered COURIER delivery rates.

Shipping time for most products is within two to three days, and all orders should be received well within seven to ten days at most.

Some exceptions may take place, depending upon seasonal pressure, or quantity of orders.

The Purchaser can always inquire about order status by using the “Contact Us” page and by including their order number.


In the unlikely event that there be any delay in shipping of which Ostara Publications may become aware, the Purchaser will immediately be informed thereof in writing, and an expected delivery date will be advised.


All prices for products are shown on the individual product pages.

All prices for shipping are also shown on the individual product pages, and for orders of more than one product, the shipping costs are shown and can be calculated before payment using the shipping calculator.

All prices quoted on the website for products and shipping are final and there are no hidden additional costs.